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It’s weird, when I actually talk to her, I don’t see you but I see her. This is a good thing.


Aly & Fila live at Beyond Wonderland Bay Area 2014

I can’t wait for their b2b with john at escape. Ugh.

I got a 96% on my calc 2 test.

I didn’t really believe in myself, but after seeing this and the nights of staying awake and going to tutoring. I just can’t believe it. This feeling, I want this feeling to stay forever.


"And today was a day just like any other."


It’s only been a few days and I already miss BEYOND WONDERLAND!!!

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Is it weird that this girl always stares at me in class like I see her there and in the library everyday.
I feel like she wants to talk to me but at the same time I am just assuming. I mean staring could just be staring am I right? I’ll talk to her one of these days. Just say hi and let things take off from there.


We had our own little sunset on the butte all to ourselves.

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Welcome adventurer!!